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Cortana is coming to Android and iOS


Microsoft has just announced that Cortana will be spreading her fingers to more pies by jumping to Android and iOS devices.

Currently Microsoft's Halo based virtual assistant is exclusive to Windows Phone - this marks the first time any of the key virtual assistant programs have adapted onto other another OS.

Dedicated apps are launching in the Google Play Store and App Store giving you the same abilities as Windows Phone including reminders and flight tracking.

A few features don't make the jump to the platform as the app can't tap into the OS as easily, so you'll lose hands-free activation and options to launch apps directly.

Hallo Cortana

The Cortana Notebook feature, which remembers all your preferences and history, will now sync up across all your devices though so if you use both a Windows Phone and an Android it'll remember everything.

It'll be coming to Android at some point toward the end of June whilst those with iPhones are only being told it's launching later this year.

Microsoft also shared a Phone Companion Windows 10 app to help sync your iOS, Android and Windows Phone to your PC.

Via Blogging Windows