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Android Market boasts 100,000 app submissions

Android - doing pretty good
Android - doing pretty good

The Android Market has hit the lofty heights of 100,000 app submissions, a figure which has doubled in just three months.

The Android app Market may not be known for its rigorous testing procedures that Apple puts its apps through, but hitting 100,000 apps submitted is an impressive feat for a service that is only just coming up to its second birthday.


There is a caveat: at this precise moment there are around 85,000 apps on the market with 15,000 or so taken off after being submitted.

These figures are from AndroLib, a site which has been following the machinations of the Market since its inception.

At this rate, the Android Market could feasibly catch up with the iPhone App Store. But it's not about quantity but quality – and this is where Apple is still winning.

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