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Fingerprint unlocking to go mainstream with Android M

Android M
Is Google getting serious about fingerprint unlocking?

We're hearing a number of rumours around possible new features of Android M in the run up to its unveiling at Google I/O next week, with the latest hinting that Google will take on Apple's TouchID with native fingerprint unlocking.

According to a report from BuzzFeed News, the new feature of Android M will allow users to log in to all of their Android devices without having to enter a password – they'll just need to place a finger on a sensor.

We don't have much more information to go on, but it's implied that there will be a number of supported applications that will allow you to log in using just your fingerprint.

Giving the finger

It was heavily rumoured that the Nexus 6 was going to use fingerprint scanning until a last minute change of heart, so Android's ability to handle biometric authentication could already be in place

If Google officially natively supports it with Android M, we could see a lot more Android devices begin to ship with fingerprint scanners in the near future.