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Android 2.1 comes to HTC Hero in April

HTC Hero to get updated in April
HTC Hero to get updated in April

The HTC Hero is set to get an Android 2.1 firmware update 16 April, after it was announced a worldwide update for the handset was on the cards.

The update (codenamed Froyo) mean that the phone will match the recently released HTC Legend and soon to be released Desire for firmware.

Although the worldwide rollout is to start as early as 2 April, UK HTC Hero users – who have Orange and T-Mobile contracts – won't see the firmware until 16 April at the earliest.

If you are a 3 user, then you will have to wait another week, as your update isn't coming till 22 April.

New features

Key features for Android 2.1 include the use of multiple email accounts on a device, Quick Contacts feature and Exchange support.

Things like the camera, messaging and virtual keyboard are also improved. As is the browser – now with support for HTML 5 – and Calendar.

While the update is good news for HTC Hero users, it does give the more expensive Legend one less feature to differentiate itself from the handset – something that may well impact in sales.

Via Know Your Mobile