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Paid Android apps arriving next week

Get your wallet out - paid Android apps hit next week
Get your wallet out - paid Android apps hit next week

Android has just announced that is now accepting priced applications from developers in the UK and USA, and will be offering apps for sale as soon as next week.

Apparently, last week's 1.1 RC33 maintenance release for T-Mobile G1 customers, which offered new features such as Google Search by voice and Google Latitude, also snuck in support for priced applications on Android Market.

Initially, priced applications will be available only to American users, starting 'mid next week', with the UK and other countries getting them in 'the coming months'.

English language apps up first

Android will also enable developers in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, and Spain to offer priced applications later this quarter, with more to be announced at the end of Q1.

Unsurprisingly, Google Checkout will serve as the payment and billing mechanism for Android Market. Developers who do not already have a Google Checkout merchant account will have to sign up for one via the publisher website. Google will take 30 percent of the retail price of each application.

Buyers will have 24 hours to cancel their purchase after downloading a program from the Android Market.