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Android G2 or HTC 'Magic' outed

Boy Genius' picture
Boy Genius' picture

HTC looks set to unveil its next generation Google Android phone, with leaked photos of the phone commonly known as the G2 hitting the internet.

The HTC Magic, which is believed to be a pan-European Vodafone exclusive, will apparently bring a 3.2MP camera and, more impressively, the 'Cupcake' release of Android.

Expect HSPA and Wi-Fi, as well as the increasingly prominent GPS functionality, with the phone potentially branded as HTC Magic or HTC Pioneer.


The 'Cupcake' update brings with it a whole raft of changes, bug fixes and updates to the Android platform.

That will include Stereo Bluetooth support, the ability to save MMS and bring cut and paste to the browser.

The jury is still out on the look of the phone, with Boy Genius – the site that supplied the pictures – saying: "the Magic is of debatable sexyness when compared to the T-Mobile G1 (and looks very Sony Ericsson, does it not?)".