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Vodafone outs its plans for the new iPads

iPad Air
More Airy options emerge...

As promised, Vodafone today announced its plan prices for the iPad Air, which is due out online and in store from 8am on November 1.

Vodafone will offer the iPad Air on three 24-month plans, with data tiers set at 2.5GB, 4GB and 8GB.

Though the plan tiers are priced at $20, $30 and $45 per month each, with the Air included, the actual monthly cost for the 16GB model will be $49, $52 and $67 per month, respectively.

On the higher end, the 128GB variant will cost $61, $68 and $83 per month, respectively.

Along with these plans, Vodafone also told TechRadar that the 16GB Air will be sold outright for $749, while the 128GB model will be sold for $1029.

These prices are a bit more expensive than Telstra's outright prices, but on par with what you'd get at an Apple store.

The mini Retina

Though no official date has been given to the release date of the iPad mini with Retina display beyond "later in November", like Telstra, Vodafone has outed its 24-month plan prices for the smaller slate – though only for the 16GB model.

The same data tiers will be offered as above, with total monthly cost set at $45, $52 and $67 per month.

Optus will be the last of the telcos to reveal its plans for the new iPad range, but with the iPad Air set to go on sale this Friday, we suspect it will have something for us soon.