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Microsoft Office still trouncing Google Docs

Microsoft Office is still the public's favourite
Microsoft Office is still the public's favourite

It seems that while Google is putting a finger in every single pie it can find, it's not finding success in all of them.

The latest data from Clickstream Technologies says that only one per cent of PC / internet users have made use of Google's alternative to Microsoft Office, with the Redmond group still bagging over 50 per cent of users. fared somewhat better, garnering around five per cent of users' actions in document use.

Some way behind

The study used 2,400 regular internet users and monitored their productivity suite use and found that even those that used Google Docs still used Office alongside in an 'on and offline' combo, showing that Google still has some way to go before it is seen as a standalone product.

"Although Google Docs and Spreadsheets has been touted as a potential competitor to the Microsoft Office Suite, OpenOffice is currently the more likely app to take that position, possibly indicating the value of offline and local processing enabled by installed applications," says the Clickstream study.

So all the furore about Microsoft dragging its heels before making Office available online is perhaps a shade too early, with users still finding that a good old fashioned CD install ticks their boxes.