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Google's web Family Safety Guide goes online

In an attempt to teach parents how to keep their children safe online and help them make the best decisions when confronted with privacy and safety issues, Google on Tuesday launched a new resource called Family Safety Guide to take a more proactive role in child safety.

According to Google, it has realised that children are not nearly as safe online as they should be and has introduced the Family Safety Guide to educate parents on the safety tools Google already offers and give some basic ideas on how to make web browsing a bit safer.

Google sets some goals for child safety

"When it comes to child safety," Google wrote in the Family Safety Guide, "we aim to empower parents with tools to help them choose what content their children see online; educate children on how to stay safe online and protect children through partnerships with law enforcement and industry."

o far, the site is just one page and displays a quick tip video that offers some additional information for parents. But according to Google, it plans on expanding it soon with more information and resources.