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Google Latitude now tracks your location history

Track your location history via Google Latitude
Track your location history via Google Latitude

In what initially sounds like some nightmarish 'big brother' style innovation, Google has launched Location History for Google Latitude so you can track where you and your Latitude friends have been.

Of course, you can change your settings on your phone so that Google (and your friends) don't necessarily have the option to track your movements, if you so want to.

Forgot where you've been?

However, if you are a particularly forgetful person then Location History could well come in handy, should you want to return to a place that you vaguely remember visiting recently, but aren't sure how to get to.

Hit Google Latitude Location History and 'bang!' you're straight there in Google Maps.

The new Location History Dashboard will also provide additional information on the places that you have been, linking you to a range of relevant sites.

You can also delete your entire location history at any time you like, if you don't want unsuspecting friends or spouses to know everything about what you are doing!

Check out the History Dashboard over on Google's website.