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Nokia has nearly a million N-Gage gamers

The Nokia E55 combines business AND fun
The Nokia E55 combines business AND fun

Nokia claims that the take-up of its N-Gage mobile gaming platform is accelerating, with nearly a million users having already signed up to create personal profiles for the service Nokia refers to as 'like Xbox Live for mobile'.

The take up of N-Gage gaming service has notably increased since the Finnish mobile giant started to pre-install it on a number of new handsets, a Nokia spokesman said at the Games Developers' Conference this week.

"Nokia's mobile gaming push has encountered major challenges over the years, with consumers shunning its dedicated gaming phones, and with its new online gaming service, opened last year, yet to move beyond a niche audience," reports Reuters.

Business AND fun

"Nokia has not unveiled user numbers for its gaming service, but the spokesman said almost 1 million players have created personal profiles on the N-Gage community pages."

Nokia announced at Mobile World Congress earlier this year that its E55 handset for business users will also be N-Gage compatible when it releases later this spring.

Via Reuters