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Budget Nintendo 2DS console now on sale for hinge-haters

Budget Nintendo 2DS console now on sale for kids and hinge-haters
2DS is up for grabs now

Nintendo raised a few eyebrows when it announced the flattened-out, 3D-less 2DS console last month, but now it hopes to raise a few bucks by making the thing available in the major territories.

The £110 (US$130, AU$150) device, which is capable of playing all Nintendo 3DS games as well as DS titles, is now on sale in Europe, North America and Australia.

The tablet-esque device features a single two-dimensional screen separated by a single strip of plastic, compared with the traditional hinged device that offers two screens, one of which boasts glasses-less 3D tech.

The idea behind the device is to offer a cheaper device for those who aren't tempted by the third dimension.

Easy on the eyes

The company is also confident that parents will prefer the 2DS for children, partly due to the price and partly due to the worries over the effects of the auto-stereoscopic 3D tech may have on still-developing eyes.

Nintendo is hopeful that the 2DS will help to combat the ever-growing dominance of smartphone and tablet gaming and keep its dedicated consoles relevant.

You can check out our hands-on review here, but we'll have the full verdict for you shortly. Here's a closer look at the device courtesy of Ninty.

Via Engadget