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BenQ adds 19 & 18.5 inch monitors to G series

BenQ - monitoring the situation
BenQ - monitoring the situation

BenQ has added a 19 inch and unusual 18.5inch 16:9 monitor to its 'Green' LED display lineup.

BenQ states that the widescreen 18.5 inch G922HDL is the world's first in that particular size – priced at a fiver under £100.

Sub £100 is also where the 16:10 G920WL is priced, albeit only by a penny, with both monitors pitched squarely at the low-cost energy efficient market.


"Compelling price points, solid performance, economical screen sizes, and boasting the lowest power consumption rating in their respective size categories, make the new models appeal to cost- and eco-conscious corporate users who appreciate the G-Series' mercury-free, energy-efficient engineering," says BenQ.

The G-series monitors employ LED backlighting, boast 5,000,000:1 contrast and feature BenQ's Senseye 3 Human Vision Technology.

Both models have D-Sub and DVI and have a release date of this month.

Patrick Goss

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