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South Park takes on Apple and the iPad

South Park
Apple turns Kyle into a Human CentiPad

Apple and Steve Jobs are the latest victims of South Park's vicious satire after a new episode took the company to task over recent privacy and location tracking fears.

The new Human CentiPad episode, which premiered in the US on Wednesday night, lands young Kyle in trouble when he agrees to an iTunes update without reading the terms and conditions.

Kyle is kidnapped by Apple and made part of a three-way human daisy chain (pictured) with his lips sewed to another man's rear end, in order to power a new version of the iPad.

"They don't track anyone"

Steve Jobs is the star of the episode, with his minions constantly able to track down Kyle and the rest of the crew through their iPads even though the devices are switched-off.

"Apple stuff is pretty neat, I just don't like the idea of a big company tracking me everywhere I go," says a cafe waiter as Kyle proudly shows off his new tablet.

"That's just a rumour, they don't really track anyone," retorts Kyle before a team of Apple spies charge in and take him away to Cupertino, citing that he legally agreed to everything.

The episode also pokes fun of the Genius Bar at Apple Stores and also the whooping and hollering at Steve Jobs' keynotes.

Meanwhile Cartman is aggrieved when his mother will only buy him a "Toshiba Handybook" when all the other kids have iPads.

The episode will be aired in the UK on Comedy Central on May 6th.