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Wintertime keyboard deliberately heats up

Don't let winter put one over on your freezing mitts this year

Now that winter is more or less upon us, those lonely nights in front of a PC Facebooking or watching Spore do its thing might be a little more comfortable with Thanko's latest wacky gadget – a keyboard that will warm your very cockles.

The USB Warmer and Cooler Keyboard is a ¥4,980 (£32) chunk of black plastic that features three vents on the front side, from which hot air issues at the touch of a button.

Dial it up

Thanko has thoughtfully added a dial for varying the output between gentle zephyr and Atlantic gale and – better yet – has included the option to flip a switch for some summertime cooling when it's needed.

Although the keyboard is in Japanese, it will work on any Windows machine with two free full-powered USB ports – one for the keyboard itself and the other for the blower.

So, if you fancy ponying up for the hefty shipping the 1.4Kg beast is likely to incur, maybe it's time to go look for a friendly grey-market importer.