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CoPilot Live: V8 now ready for Android and WiMo users

CoPilot Live does the Android
CoPilot Live does the Android

After what what has been a successful stint on the iPhone, ALK Technologies has announced that the eighth version of its CoPilot Live sat nav software is now available for Android and Windows Mobile users.

The latest version of the sat nav program features turn-by-turn voice-guided satellite navigation for GPS-enabled touchscreen phones, and it is said to offer clearer guidance for tricky junctions and the like.

Live fuel prices

Other features include 3D landmarks and some nifty new voice technology - which means you shouldn't actually have to touch the device while on the move.

CoPilot is also offering a Live service, which gives you access to live local search, traffic info and even up-to-the minute fuel prices.

As with its recent appearance on the iPhone, the app will set you back £25.99 for unlimited use and is available from and the Android Market.

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