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AMD Navi graphics cards are already being lab tested, says report

AMD 7nm Navi Graphics Cards

We’re still waiting for AMD's 7-nanometer (nm) Vega graphics cards to finally appear at CES 2019, but it seems the chip maker is already stepping up testing on its next-generation GPUs.

AMD is supposedly already lab-testing 7nm Navi graphics cards well ahead of their rumored mid-2019 launch dates, according to Fudzilla. Not only are these cards in a test-ready state, it seems they’re even performing better than anticipated – if these purported inside sources are to be believed

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Unfortunately, Fudzilla’s sources don’t go into any specific benchmarks to explain how they're exceeding expectations. Instead, the report goes on to claim that Navi-based GPUs will target the mid-range of the market, with Nvidia GTX 1080 levels of performance for only $250 (about £190, AU$350).

The lack of test results as evidence leads us to question the credibility of this report; however we're nevertheless excited by such a rumor.

Despite the introduction of Nvidia's Turing series GPUs, the prices of graphics cards, like the Nvidia GTX 1080 and AMD Radeon RX Vega 64, haven’t fallen by a significant margin. The components world is really hurting for a powerful and affordable graphics card, and AMD Navi could be just the thing we’ve been waiting for.

Via Hot Hardware