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Amazon Echo can now read your Apple iCloud calendar details

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It can already read your Google Calendar's events, and tap into Microsoft's cloud Windows calendar too. Now Amazon is sending out an update to its Amazon Echo devices that will let you use the voice-activated speaker to nab details from Apple iCloud calendar as well.

Alexa can now hook up with Apple's service, letting it read out events and add appointments through voice commands.

All you need to do is make sure two-factor authentication is activated on your Apple devices, and then, once accounts are linked up, you'll see Alexa's handiwork reflected across all your Apple products.

Siri senses tingling

With the rumors surrounding Apple's own Siri-powered entry into the smart speaker market heating up, Amazon's announcement is interestingly timed. It's almost as if Amazon wants people invested in Apple's eco-system to know that there's an alternative to the Cupertino company's wares.

Apple is expected to release a smart speaker that feeds off its Siri voice-activated assistant at this year's WWDC 2017 event. While concrete design details are scarce, it's now thought the speaker has entered mass production ahead of a full-blown reveal.

Meanwhile, Amazon's expanded the Echo range to include the Echo Look and the Echo Show – one sporting a fashion conscious camera, the other a tablet-like display. Neither have had the same same initial "wow" factor the Echo did, so the pressure may be on at Amazon HQ.

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