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4K Apple TV could get a big gaming boost with chip and RAM upgrades

It won't all necessarily be about the iPhone X at tomorrow's big Apple launch – there's a good chance a new 4K Apple TV will get revealed too. And it's a launch that could be one to watch for gamers, too. 

This weekend saw a treasure trove of information leak ahead of Tuesday's launch, which developer Steve Troughton-Smith mined for details on Apple's next TV device.

According to the dev, it looks like the Apple 4K TV box will get a considerable power boost over its last-gen stablemate, packing in a three-core A10 Fusion CPU and 3GB of RAM.

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Apple goes gaming?

A three-core variant of the A10 chip could see it dubbed the A10X Fusion, in line with iterative chip updates that Apple pushes out ahead of a numbered chip architecture overhaul.

And while it'd help push the 4K-pixel count that many have expected of the refreshed Apple TV, it could also give the TV box a much-needed boost for games devs. 

The last Apple TV to be released in 2015 was only running with 2GB of RAM and the now-ageing A8 chipset. That increased processing power would be great not only for streaming 4K TV content from iTunes and providers such as Netflix (as well as potential 4K/60fps content shot on the new iPhone), but could lead to more advanced gaming apps hitting the set top box, potentially even catering for augmented reality-supporting living room applications, what with the ARKit API expected to be a large part of Apple's plans going forward.

All should be revealed tomorrow – TechRadar will be reporting live from Cupertino, so keep your eyes locked on the site for all new iPhone and Apple TV news.

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