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The best Sky broadband deals in May 2021

Sky broadband deals are one of the UK's most popular options when it comes to internet these days, rivalling both BT and Virgin to be the most popular ISP in the UK....but is it good, is it right for you and which offer should you choose?

We're here to answer these questions. There are a lot of broadband deals available these days and while Sky isn't the cheapest or the fastest, it is one of the most popular choices, one with a lot of available customisation and one that has steadily been getting more affordable.

Head to the Sky website to see all of its broadband deals in full

As arguably the best providers of broadband and TV deals (sorry Virgin), many will be seeking to invest in TV add-ons. Sky offers plans for Sport, TV, films and more although, the costs do quickly mount up.

For just Sky broadband deals with no add-ons, there are just two options - ADSL or fibre. Whether you just need internet or want the full package, you can find out more about Sky below.

Sky's best broadband deals:

Sky Broadband Superfast | 18 months | 59Mb average speed | £27 per month | FREE activation
If it's just internet you're after, Sky's Broadband Superfast is the best way to go. It will cost you just £27 a month while securing you speeds averaging 59Mb. As the middle choice from Sky, it balances costs with getting you the best speeds.
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Sky TV and Broadband Superfast | 18 months | 59Mb average speed | £39 per month | FREE activation
For £39 a month, you're getting a very complete package here. Sky's TV and Broadband Superfast plan gets you speeds averaging 59Mb for just £39 a month. Alongside that, you're getting channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky Comedy, Comedy Central, Sky Documentaries and over 300 other channels.
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See what other broadband deals are out there:

Sky Broadband deals: FAQ

Sky broadband plans compared - what broadband speed can I get with Sky?

Even before you start thinking about whether you want to add Sky TV or mobile to your internet package, you'll need to decide what speed and data usage best suits your household. Consider whether you want to crank up the speed - and price - with a fibre broadband package.

Sky Broadband Essential

If you simply want basic broadband for checking your emails and using the web, then Sky's entry-level Broadband Essential deal is one of the cheapest on the market. With download speeds averaging 11Mb (that's around 1MB per second) it may struggle a little with streaming, especially if there are lots of devices trying to use it at once. Sky Broadband Unlimited includes:

  • Avg 11Mb speed
  • Sky Q Hub router
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Sky Broadband Shield

 Sky Broadband Superfast

This is the daddy of the Sky broadband family. The provider cranks up the speed to up to 63Mb, which equates to download speeds of roughly 8MB per second. Rapid. Keep in mind that Sky has recently ditched its mid-range fibre package so if you want Sky Fibre this is your only choice. 

Sky Broadband Superfast includes:

  • Avg 59Mb speed
  • Sky Q Hub router
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Sky Broadband Shield

Can I add any Sky TV packages deals?

One of the best parts of Sky is the wide range of add-ons and packages available to you:

Sky Ultimate TV: It's the big one! With Sky's Ultimate TV package, you're getting every episode of the biggest Sky shows and Netflix for £29 a month. That obviously means this will be those with the cash to splash and a desire to go big on binge-watching. 

Sky Cinema Whatever your film tastes, the eleven Sky Cinema channels are likely to have you covered. From Disney and Family to Thriller and Comedy. This comes in at £10 a month.

Sky Sports Unless it's on special offer, you'll have to pay about an extra £22 a month to add Sky's suite of sport channels. There are dedicated channels for football, cricket, golf and F1, while the main event station carries the headline events of the day.

Kids If there are children in the household, an extra fiver or so a month bags 10+ kids channels and thousands of on-demand episodes of children's TV. And then there's the Sky Kids app which features even more shows and games.  

Box Sets If you spend your evenings binging on box sets, a fiver a month gives you immediate access to more than 350.

What is the Sky Q Hub router?

All Sky broadband plans now come with a Sky Q Hub. It's a little bit on the chunky side, but that translates into a more powerful router. If you're desperate for fast downloads, it connect to 5GHz channels and it has the capacity to connect 64 laptops, tablets, phones and other devices.

How long will my Sky broadband contract last?

If you go for Sky's most affordable Broadband Unlimited plan, you'll get a one year contract. With all of the Fibre packages, you'll be tied into an 18 month commitment to Sky. You may not wish to be tied into a contract that long, but at least you'll know what you'll be paying for longer.

Sky Talk - do I get a Sky phone line?

The price you pay for Sky Broadband also includes Sky Line Rental, which lets you retain your existing home phone number.

You can pay an extra premium for a Sky Talk allowance - for example, Sky Talk Evenings and Weekends allows unlimited  calls during those windows (evenings are defined as 7pm-7am), Sky Talk Anytime Extra for as many calls as you wish to UK landlines at any time and Sky Talk International Extra if you have friends or family living overseas.

Sky Talk customers also get the benefit of the Sky Talk Shield. It gives you greater control over blocking unwanted calls and numbers.

Do I get Sky email?

If you want it, you'll be assigned with a Sky Yahoo! Mail account. You can access this email account on any computer, smartphone or tablet - not just your home PC or laptop.

What is Sky WiFi?

As a Sky broadband customer, you'll get access to unlimited usage of Sky's Wi-Fi hotspots that are dotted around the UK. You can connect up to six devices to the thousands of hotspot locations, which include popular coffee and restaurant chains.

What is Sky Broadband Shield?

Access to Sky Broadband Shield is included with every internet plan and adds a layer of security to your online life at home. As well as seeking out malware and phishing scam attempts, the Shield includes parental controls so you can make sure your children aren't landing on websites they shouldn't.

Sky broadband help and the Switch Squad

There's a multitude of online guides, help and support on the Sky website, but you can call Sky Help as well to discuss your broadband on 0330-041-4376.

If you're having difficulty switching to Sky broadband, the company has a dedicated so-called Switch Squad to get you transferred over from your current broadband provider.

To transfer to Sky Broadband now, you can order online at the Sky Shop.