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Netflix Australia’s best TV shows: 90+ must-watch series to stream in 2022

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UPDATE: Stranger Things is back with its most ambitious season yet! This time around, Netflix has split the latest season of Stranger Things into two volumes, with volume 1 available to stream now, and volume 2 set to arrive on July 1. Find out more about Stranger Things 4 below!

Since its arrival on Australian shores, we've enjoyed unfettered access to all of Netflix's critically-lauded original shows. Not only that, users also have access to a wealth of other licensed material.

If you're like us, you spend a good deal of your time Netflixing. Sure, Netflix also streams movies, but its television output is perhaps the reason most people have signed up for an account. There's nothing quite like firing up Netflix and binge-watching a series at your own pace. Getting instant access to entire seasons of Stranger Things from day one is half the appeal. 

This is why we've created the TechRadar guide to the best shows on Netflix Australia right now (in no particular order). We'll keep this best TV show list constantly updated with the latest television shows that you should be watching on Netflix in Australia and also tell you why.

The best new TV series on Netflix Australia

We’ve selected more than 80 great series worth watching over the following pages, but if you've watched 'em all already you can also find out what's new on Netflix this month right here (opens in new tab), or cut to the chase with our quick picks for the top trending shows on Netflix right now.

The following list charts the best shows that are currently trending right now on Netflix Australia. For our complete list of shows, which has been separated into genre, continue on to the next page or select your preferred genre from the drop-down list above!

Stranger Things

After three long years, Stranger Things has returned for its highly anticipated fourth season, which sees the kids of Hawkins, Indiana come face to face with yet another otherworldly threat. For those who haven't watched it, Stranger Things plays like a cross between Stephen King and Steven Spielberg, and is a nostalgic and somewhat scary throwback to the classic Amblin films of the '80s. It follows a group of kids who must protect their small town from the monsters that emerge from the Upside Down, a dark and evil mirror dimension that looks just like their town. Boasting a blockbuster budget, Stranger Things 4 picks up in 1986, with most of the the gang either new in high school or preparing to leave for college. So far, it's easily the most ambitious season of the show to date, with some episodes reaching movie-length.

Details: 4 seasons, 8 episodes per season, 60-98 minutes per episode


Though Netflix's new crime drama Ozark has understandably been compared to Breaking Bad, the show approaches similar themes in an entirely different and uniquely intense way. Chicago businessman Marty Bryde (Jason Bateman, who also directs some of the episodes) seems like a standup guy, but has actually spent years laundering drug money for a Mexican cartel. When it's revealed that his friend and business partner has been skimming money off the top, Marty finds himself in debt to a trigger-happy drug lord who has no qualms about murdering Marty's entire family, including wife Wendy (Laura Linney) and their two young children. Now, Marty's only chance at keeping his family alive is to move them to the Ozarks, a long coastline in Missouri that Marty believes is potential a goldmine, so that he can pay back the money that's owed. Gripping and very adult, Ozark will surely appeal to fans of shows like Fargo and the aforementioned Breaking Bad. 

Details: 4 seasons, 10 episodes per season, 60 minutes per episode

Russian Doll

With its Groundhog Day-esque premise, Russian Doll sees Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) forced to relive her 36th birthday party over and over again. Though she's killed repeatedly, there's seemingly no end in sight for Nadia's inescapable night, leading her to question her own sanity as she tries to find a way out. Funny and fast-paced, Russian Doll is ideal for viewers looking for something short and sweet to watch, with each episode leaving you wanting more. 

Details: 2 season, 8 episodes per season, 25 minutes per episode

The Witcher

Grand in scale and epic in scope, Netflix's The Witcher series may very well end up being the Game of Thrones-sized hit the service has been looking for all these years. Though The Witcher is a property that's well-known in the gaming world, Netflix's series actually hews closer to the original book series by Polish fantasy author Andrzej Sapkowski. Lending significant muscle and star-power to the series is Henry Cavill, who's clearly having the time of his life as the titular Witcher, Geralt of Rivia. But it isn't just Geralt's adventure, here – throughout the first season of the season, he'll also cross paths with Ciri (Freya Allan), a princess who's lost her parents and kingdom, and Yennefer, a sorceress whose journey has forced her to overcome many obstacles, including her own deformity. While The Witcher is initially slow out of the gate, the show rewards the viewer with a great amount of depth and fantastic action sequences. Not only that, but Netflix's The Witcher has already improved greatly with its second season, and we imagine it's only going to get better from here.

Details: 2 seasons, 8 episodes per season, 60 minutes per episode

Money Heist

Don't let the strangely goofy name put you off. Money Heist, or La Casa del Papel as it's known in Spanish-speaking countries, is a thrilling heist drama about a group of criminals brought together by an enigmatic figure called The Professor to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. With dense characterization, big twists and career-making performances, this is an unusual and clever heist show that'll grip you right away. 

While it's been a huge hit with a Spanish-speaking audience for the longest time, Money Heist has now found a big audience in the English-speaking world, too. A new set of episodes just dropped on Netflix, meaning you've got 31 episodes to watch if you've never seen it before, divided over two separate overarching stories about the same set of characters. 

Whatever you do, make sure you switch the default dub off and listen to the original Spanish audio with subtitles. While the first half of the final season arrived earlier this year, the final part is available now, and we expect it to be somewhat emotional.

Details: 6 parts, 5-13 episodes per part, 45 minutes per episode


For the most part, people tend to meet each other purely by accident. But what if that perfect guy you've just met has actually been fixated on you from afar for quite some time? Worse still, what if the aforementioned guy is actually a psychopath who inserts himself into the lives of those he becomes obsessed with? That's the premise of the Netflix Original series You, which is delightfully wicked. From Greg Berlanti (Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and Sera Gamble (Supernatural) comes a disturbing thriller series that sinks its hooks into you and doesn't let go until you've binge-watched the whole thing! Now back for its third season, You is bound to be your next guilty pleasure.

Details: 3 season, 10 episodes per season, 44-50 minutes per episode

Queer Eye

Queer Eye is back! Taking over from where the original Fab Five left off, the new team has been put together with the same ultimate mission: to remodel individuals into the best possible version of themselves, whether it be their wardrobe, living arrangements, grooming, diet or even their confidence. We know, makeover shows are usually pretty lame, but this one is fantastic in the way that the guys really get to the emotional heart of each subject they undertake. Often, there's a reason the men and women featured in each episode have let themselves go or have put up defensive walls against the outside world, and it's up to the Fab Five to reignite their inner spark and show them their own potential. Because the Fab Five really seem to care about them, it becomes incredibly rewarding to watch them go from unhappy to full of life. Chances are you'll cry at least once per episode.

Details: 6 seasons, 4-8 episodes per season, 45 minutes per episode

Cowboy Bebop

Based on the Japanese anime of the same name, Netflix's live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop follows the adventures of a ragtag group of bounty hunters as they chase down criminals across the galaxy.

Spike Speigel (John Cho), Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir), Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda), Vicious (Alex Hassell) and Ein (dog actors Charlie and Harry) are all back for Netflix's take on Hajime Yatate's anime program. Original composer Yoko Kanno is also back to deliver those jazz-infused earworms to audiences once more.

Critical reception to the show has been mixed so far, with some praising its cast and how closely it sticks to the original narrative. However, criticism has been levelled at how soulless it feels, while others have hit out at the new material that's been incorporated. Still, if you're interested in seeing how it compares to the anime, it's worth a look.

Details: 1 season, 10 episodes per season, 37-60 minutes per episode


Developed by Riot Games, Arcane is an origins story set in the beloved world of League of Legends (LoL). Set before the events of the fan favorite MOBA, Arcane follows the likes of Vi (Hailee Steinfeld), Jinx (Ella Purnell) and Jayce (Kevin Alejandro) as they embark on their respective journeys towards becoming the heroes and villains of Riot's multiplayer game.

With its all-star cast, beautifully unique visuals from French studio Fortiche Productions, and a tale that's built on explosive action and heart breaking narratives, Arcane isn't just a show that services LoL fans. No matter if you're a diehard fan or a relative newcomer to the franchise, Arcane will wow you in equal measure.

Details: 1 season, 9 episodes per season, 39-44 minutes per episode

Sex Education

Meek teenager Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) can't catch a break at school, with kids constantly teasing him about his mother (Gillian Anderson) and her profession as a sex therapist. Of course, teens are more vulnerable and inexperienced than most when it comes to sexual matters, so when Otis inadvertently deals out some of the useful advice he'd overheard from his mother to a sexually-frustrated bully, he soon garners an unwanted reputation as the school's unofficial sex therapist. Sensing a potential to make money, Maeve (Emma Mackey) teams up with Otis to help find paying customers amongst their classmates. Now back for season 3, Netflix's Sex Education is ready to deliver on the huge cliffhanger that ended the show's second season. Unfortunately, the kids will also have to contend with a new morality-focused head teacher who wants to turn the school chaste.

Details: 3 seasons, 8 episodes per season, 50 minutes per episode


In this fantastic new take on the adventures of gentleman-thief Arsène Lupin by French author Maurice Leblanc, Omar Sy (The Intouchables, X-Men Days of Future Past) plays Assane Diop, a man whose father is framed for the theft of a priceless diamond necklace by a wealthy business man. 

Soon after, Assane's father hangs himself in his cell, which sets him off on a quest for revenge inspired by the Arsène Lupin novel his father gave him as a child. Already the most popular French Netflix series of all-time, Lupin is a wonderful show that's surprisingly family-friendly given its subject matter.

Now back for its second season, Netflix's Lupin has proven itself a loving and inspired take on the beloved Arsène Lupin stories.

Details: 2 season, 5 episodes per season, 42-52 minutes per episode

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