This is the best Dolby Atmos soundbar deal we've seen on Prime Day so far

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Some of the biggest Prime Day deals are for high-end hardware, where you'll often see significant savings. This deal on the LG S90QY soundbar is a great example of that: for Prime Day, Amazon is offering the LG S90QY Soundbar for $896.99 (was $1,199.99)

That's a great saving on a hugely impressive soundbar, and while it's designed to work seamlessly with LG TVs the S90QY will transform the sound of any TV from any manufacturer. That's because no matter how good the on-board audio, TVs just don't have the internal space for really good speakers. Soundbars do.

This isn't just a good deal; It's the lowest price we've ever seen this soundbar offered for. It's the perfect partner for a high-end TV such as one of LG's excellent OLED TVs. 

Today's best LG S90QY Soundbar deal

LG S90QY 5.1.3ch Sound bar with Center Up-Firing, Dolby Atmos DTS:X: $1,199 $896.99 at Amazon
Save $303

LG S90QY 5.1.3ch Sound bar with Center Up-Firing, Dolby Atmos DTS:X: $1,199 $896.99 at Amazon
Save $303
on this high-end soundbar system with AirPlay 2, Spotify HiFi, Hi-Res Audio and IMAX Enhanced. A central up-firing speaker, as well as left and right upfiring speakers, helps deliver more immersive 3D audio via Dolby Atmos, and there's excellent games console compatibility too.

The spec sheet of the LG S90QY is as long as a movie's end credits. It supports both Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, AirPlay 2, Tidal HiFi and Spotify HiFi, works with Alexa and Google Assistant and has both eARC and 4K Pass Thru. With 570W of power over its 5.1.3 channel surround sound it'll make you really popular with the neighbors (when they come around for movie night!), and its newly designed speaker driver and subwoofer chamber will make you feel like you're right in the middle of the action.

There's some clever technology here including AI Room Calibration Pro, which listens to the sound of your room and adjusts the soundbar's output accordingly: the idea is that wherever you sit is the best seat in the house. 

It's probably overkill for a small TV but if you have a large TV and a large room to listen in, this soundbar will completely transform your music and your movies. It's an impressive deal on a very impressive sound system.

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