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Is the internet bringing us together or keeping us apart?


Is there any satisfaction to be had from a digital book signing?

If ever there were a phrase that summed up the point to which the internet has brought us, it is "digital book signing".

"It's a world first and I always like to try new things," says David Beckham awkwardly at his digital signing which has been set up through his Facebook page. He mentions the technology amid compliments on his hair, invitations to Brazil, discussion of his favourite goals, his family, his tattoos and the photos that make up his book. Continue reading...

How the PS3 won the console war

How the PlayStation 3 won the console war

Despite its shaky start, Sony's seventh-gen powerhouse played a blinder

In part one of our console retrospective series, we have a true underdog story. PlayStation 3 launched in Europe some 14 months after Xbox 360 in March 2007, delayed by a shortage of diodes used in its Blu-Ray drive, of all things.

When it finally did arrive, it came with a considerably bigger price tag than Microsoft's offering, and was plagued by second-rate versions of cross-platform releases. The writing, it appeared, was on the wall: Xbox 360 was going to win this generation's console war.

But incredibly, Sony turned that less-than-desirable start to its advantage, and as we stand on the precipice between seventh and eighth generation consoles and take stock of the last six years, any fool can see PlayStation 3 ends the era victorious! Continue reading...

How the Xbox 360 won the console war

How the Xbox 360 won the console war

Ignore the red ring of death, the Xbox is the real winner here

In part two, not so fast! In looking for proof of the Xbox 360's position as the defining console of the age, you can refer to no less an authority than President Barack Obama.

It was he who criticised Republican behaviour over the recent US government shutdown by saying "You don't get a chance to call your bank and say, 'I'm not going to pay my mortgage this month unless you throw in a new car and an Xbox.'"

This bit of partisan point-scoring represents the zenith of Microsoft's incredible success in the seventh console generation - the point at which even the President admitted that "Xbox" had became interchangeable with "games console"in the way that "Playstation" had at the turn of the century.

It was, and is, the device on which most self-described gamers play games. Continue reading...

How the Nintendo Wii won the console war

How the Nintendo Wii won the console war

With 100m+ sales, the Will is obviously the clear winner!

Part 3 - stop right there, clearly the Nintendo Wii was actually the triumphant console this generation! Did it have the graphical might to stand shoulder to shoulder with the PS3 and Xbox 360? Hell no. Did it have the hardcore library of the GameCube? Nope. Did it have a stupid name? Yeah, we sniggered.

And guys, it couldn't even play DVDs. But the Wii won this generation by doing something much, much bigger: it got the whole world playing videogames. Continue reading...

Watch out, Cinemas: Netflix is coming to get you

Cinemas watch out Netflix is coming for you

On demand is in demand as Netflix continues its march to glory

Every time someone speaks at Netflix HQ, it must be like nails down a chalkboard for TV and movie execs. The streaming service has gained so much momentum over the last year or so that every speech its executives make offers up an idea, an element, that will eventually prove disruptive to the entertainment business.

It was only last week that Netflix Ted Sarandos revealed that Netflix wanted to stream movies as soon as they are released in the cinemas and now we have news that Netflix will exclusively release its first original feature-length film in early 2014. Continue reading...

Car meet console: How Xbox One influenced the creation of Forza 5

Forza 5

This is the sixth title in the Forza franchise, and we chatted with Turn 10 Studios creative director Dan Greenawalt