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Exposed: The invisible conflict being waged by the world's superpowers

Exposed the invisible conflict being waged by the world s superpowers

The next world war will be online, and the consequences will be very real

In the long Cold War between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, espionage was rife. Security services placed secret agents in sensitive positions, spy planes photographed strategic locations and information was smuggled through borders.

The reasons were simple: each side believed that they would eventually end up at war with the other - and when conflict began, knowing your enemy's secrets could make a crucial difference to the outcome. There was only one rule: don't get caught. Getting caught could spark an international incident and bring the world one step closer to war. Is something similar happening online?

Flying cars: how long until takeoff?

Flying cars how long until takeoff

Sky-high ideas start to take flight

Ever since the first cars arrived on the world's roads, people have been wanting to fly them. They've become a trope of science fiction, featuring in heavyweight titles like Star Wars, Blade Runner, Back to the Future and more recently Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D.

Flying cars are about as synonymous as jetpacks are with our concept of "the future". Continue reading...

Sony: 'If people are searching for music, we messed up'

Sony If people are searching for music we messed up

Music Unlimited's head talks Sony's stream dream

When Rhapsody announced that it was buying up Napster in 2011, there was a feeling that online music had come full circle.

Rhapsody was the first-ever music streaming service to offer a monthly fee way back in 2001; Napster was the model that in 1999 showed the world that music could be shared and distributed through the web, albeit with a complete disregard for copyright.

In a strange way the two teaming up 10 years down the line to compete with the likes of Spotify was a move that made them seem like they were late to the party. A party they had essentially started. Continue reading...

Dear Intel: Please put your best tech into the PC

Intel Core

It's in Intel's interests to give the tech community something to be positive about

Fact the first: Intel makes by far the best PC processors you can buy. Fact the second: They're still nowhere near Intel's best technology.

So I'm here to ask - to beg, even - Intel to reward its long-loyal PC customers with something to get excited about. I'm not asking for all that much. Just for Intel to put chips it's already making into PCs. Continue reading...

BBC Playlister: What is it and why should I use it?


Come and have a play right now...

The BBC has taken a step forward in the music streaming space today, and though it's not quite doing its own Spotify, it does hope to go hand in hand with your favourite music services.

The result is BBC Playlister, a music discovery service waiting for the next time you ask "what was that track being played on Strictly Come Dancing last night?"

It's completely browser based for now, which includes mobile browsers. Though integration with the iPlayer app is coming in the next few months, the BBC tells us. Continue reading...

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Panasonic TX L65WT600 review

Panasonic TX-L65WT600

Panasonic's first 4K TV is simply brilliant

Panasonic's TX-L65WT600 offers the first sighting of tomorrow's high frame rate 4K, and it's a thrilling display. Astonishingly clear images that are eye-soothingly easy to watch, 4K at 60Hz looks likely to transform sports coverage.

Not that all 4K is destined to be at 60Hz; movies for the most part look likely to remain at 24fps, and this set seems fine with that too. Early adopters looking for a forward-looking UHD TV need look no further. It looks like the future has arrived ahead of schedule. Panasonic TX-L65WT600 review

Tesco Hudl

Boldly undercutting Google and Amazon - is the Tesco tablet a thing of budget beauty?

Tesco Hudl tablet review

If you're looking to jump aboard the tablet bandwagon but have been put off by the prohibitive cost of trusted brands at one end and the questionable pedigree at the other, the Hudl is the perfect device for you.