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Xbox OneGuide hits the UK so should you plug in your Sky HD box or not

Xbox OneGuide hits the UK

Should you plug in your Sky HD box or not?

Now that the OneGuide is up and running in the UK, we've re-reviewed the Xbox One console and tested the UK OneGuide features. So is the OneGuide all it's cracked up to be in the UK? Does it work and is it worth having a play with? Well the short answer is that it's probably not the killer feature you were hoping for. But as we'll see, there's potential there for Microsoft to create something quite special. Read all about it

FIFA World Cup in motion


How football in 4K will change the way we watch TV

The World Cup and the television are star-crossed lovers – the international tournament wouldn't be as popular without a mechanism to watch it, and the biggest sporting event in the world helps drive massive uptake in new flatscreen sales every four years. But the tie-in goes deeper than that, as the World Cup has been a constant proving ground for new technology that affect the way we watch TV every day. Continue reading...

Sony KD 65X9005B review

Sony KD-65X9005B

Sony's sensational wedge TV delivers top 4K results

The Sony 65-X9005B offers a masterclass in 4K TV design and performance. From its audacious but practical wedge cabinet to its exhilarating sound and vision, this flatscreen doesn't put a foot wrong. Image quality with both Ultra HD and Full HD sources is colour rich and dynamic, while the brand's connected feature set, from One-Flick discovery bar to photo sharing, has broad appeal. This is a brilliant TV for today… and tomorrow. Sony KD-65X9005B review

TV Setup Guide 14 tips for getting the best picture quality out of your TV

14 tips for getting the best picture quality

Don't stick with your TV's default settings!

For some reason many TV brands are rubbish at setting up their own TVs to deliver great pictures. In the vast majority of cases when you get a new TV out of its box, the default picture position is to deliver pictures that are ridiculously overblown, with cartoonish colours, excessive brightness, messy backlighting, and sharpness levels set so high that all you see is noise, not detail. So what are you waiting for? Pick up that remote, and prepare to unlock your TV's true potential. We've used a Panasonic TV to illustrate these steps but you'll find most TVs have very similar menu systems for changing settings. TechRadar's TV Setup Guide

Driverless cars are legal in California so what comes next

The stop-and-go story of legalizing driverless autos

The dream of driverless, self-driving cars has existed since the space-age 1960s. Save for a few experiments dating as far back as 1925, the idea of a car that can drive itself has largely been the stuff of sci-fi books and films. While technology has been cooked up in everything from the Commonwealth sci-fi saga classic to Disney's World of Tomorrow, the utopian vision of driverless technology has always imagined as a from of transportation that's faster, more efficient and, most importantly, safer. Last month, the world took another big step towards making driverless cars an on-the-roads reality. Read all about it

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Samsung's shot at the ultimate cameraphone

The K Zoom is a decent smartphone that sacrifices some style and weight in return for a few extra camera capabilities. Pick up this handset and you're not necessarily buying better pictures: just more flexibility and polish for your shots. This far down the line Samsung isn't going to drop the ball in terms of hardware or software, both of which are fine, but its biggest problem is going to be finding a market. Samsung Galaxy K Zoom review

Game developers have a lot to learn about virtual reality

Xing The Land Beyond

But Oculus and Morpheus are still awesome

As more and more games begin to use VR tech, it's becoming ever more clear that developers are going to need to change the way they design games if they want the tech to work. We played as many virtual reality games as we could during this year's E3, and these are the conclusions we drew. The VR games at E3