Best of TechRadar 2013: our favourite features and wisest words of the year

As the year comes to a close and we all panic-buy last minute Christmas presents, take a few minutes to have a cup of tea and take a tour through our best words from the last year.

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How the Internet of Things will change all of our lives

Why the Internet of Things will change all of our lives

An Orwellian nightmare or Utopian future?

The chances are you've already heard someone mention the Internet of Things, and it's certainly a phrase that you are going to hear more and more in the coming years, so what exactly is it? At its most basic, the Internet of Things is the, frankly horrible, term used to describe the millions of devices that are now connected together and to the internet but that do not require humans to tell them what data to share. Everything from fitness bands to internet connected fridges, smart thermostats to microchipped street lights can all feed data back to the net with or without our behest, and that's potentially a hugely powerful shift in the way that we live our lives. Continue reading...

LG vs Samsung: the story behind the biggest rivalry in tech

lg twin towers hq

A tale of espionage, in-fighting and... restaurants?

The rivalry between Korean tech giants LG and Samsung is well known, but it took a visit to LG's headquarters in South Korea this week for the true nature of the conflict to become clear to us. The upshot of the situation is that passing through buildings owned by these companies is like getting through security at an airport. Bags are scanned. Cameras are confiscated. Lenses on phones are taped over. USB storage devices are not allowed. Security cameras are everywhere. Continue reading...

7 breakthroughs in physics that unlocked the modern age

isaac newton

Science is interesting, and if you don't agree you can...

Before the likes of Galileo and Newton began to unlock the secrets of the universe, our understanding of everything in it was almost entirely absent. There was no scientifically plausible explanation for any of the phenomena in the night sky and no real understanding of any force of nature. In short, we were the people in Game of Thrones but without the dragons and magic and zombies.

However, instead of spending thousands of years building large walls instead of inventing things, we have used the discipline of physics to provide answers to many of the mysteries of existence, and with that knowledge the human race has achieved incredible things. From powering the industrial revolution to sparking the electrical era and unlocking the secrets of the stars, physics has underpinned our technological adventure into the 21st Century. Continue reading...

PS4 vs Xbox One graphics: what are the differences and do they matter?

PS4 vs Xbox One graphics what are the differences and do they matter

Just how much better will PS4 games look and why?

What was once a rumour is now confirmed. At least some cross-platform games will run at a higher resolution on the Sony PlayStation 4 than on Microsoft's Xbox One. But why is this happening and should it influence your decision over which of the next-gen game boxes to buy? Continue reading...

11 reasons why your next TV has to be 4K

4K TV sport

Unconvinced by 4K? We're not and here's why...

Ultra High Definition 4K TV technology is the hottest topic in tellydom right now. Major manufacturers are fast-tracking large screen 4K TVs able to display four times the resolution of current HD sets, while broadcasters conduct widespread technical trials behind the scenes. The nascent format dominated this summer's IFA tech fest and it looks certain to do the same at the 2014 International CES in January. Even pro-broadcast bash IBC was 4K obsessed this year. But for normal folks, it may be tempting to cock a snoot when it comes to shortlisting that next TV. However that could prove a costly mistake if you're planning to buy a well-heeled Full HD flatscreen.

Need convincing? Here are eleven reasons why we think your next TV needs to be 4K…