Nook Simple Touch now costs less than two pizzas

From Domino's, not Sainsbury's

If you're in the market for an ereader but don't really want to spend any money then Barnes & Noble's got your back: it's slashed the price of its Nook Simple Touch to £29.

It's a crazy reduction, down from £79, and should tip a fair few bookworms over into the brave new digital world.

The Simple Touch GlowLight is also reduced and will set you back just £69 for the time being, rather than its usual £109.

B&N's tablets are also getting in on the action with the 7-inch Nook HD reduced to a starting price of £129 (usually £159) and the 9-inch Nook HD+ starting at £179.

Bargin city

The crazy sale prices are dressed up as being part of a literacy campaign called Get London Reading, run in conjunction with the Evening Standard, although they smell suspiciously like desperation in the face of the dominant Amazon Kindle line up.

You can pick the reduced tablets and ereaders up from Argos, Asda, Blackwell's, Foyles, Currys, PC World, John Lewis, Sainsbury's, Very and

B&N isn't letting slip when the offers will end, so you may want to be quick about it.


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