Best of TechRadar Pro: from Surface Pro 3 to the Salesforce tower, eBay cyber attack and HS2 vs broadband

Salesforce of nature: how the CRM giant became a tower of power

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It's been a busy week for CRM giant, which has not only unveiled a new, feature-packed mobile app for its customers, it's also taken over London's Heron Tower, renaming it Salesforce Tower London in the process. Swish.

Imagine the bragging rights: "Do you have a tower in central London? A tall HQ? A mission base to show off your Executive Briefing Centre? Didn't think so, pal." Of course, Salesforce is a little more humble than that, as TechRadar Pro found out after a catch up with the company's EMEA SVP, Chris Ciauri. Continue reading...

Office heads for the cloud, but does it send productivity sky-high?


In the spirit of Microsoft's reboot, the new version of Office is more complex for business than it used to be. It includes much more than familiar software like Word and Excel, extending to Office servers (Exchange, Lync, SharePoint and services that run on the latter like Excel Services, Project Services and the Office Web Apps).

There are also hosted versions of these services, provided through third parties and Microsoft itself, as with Office 365. (From March you will also be able to buy Office 365 through Microsoft partners). Now including hosted online services for company servers, Office 365 provides Office Web Apps and the Outlook Web app as part of this service with subscription licenses to the actual software useable on personal desktops. Continue reading...

Surface 2

In the wake of one of the biggest cyberheists ever, TechRadar Pro received dozens of comments from security specialists, arguing and debating about the reasons and the consequences of this high-profile cyberattack and most importantly, how end-to-end security need to change. We complied the best of them. Continue reading...

Will wearable technology have a place in the office?


It's easy to see how the internet has changed our global society and transformed the business world. It's an essential tool for most organisations and the web functions it supports are critical – can you even imagine trying to do your job without email? Continue Reading...

Can this laptop-tablet hybrid replace your laptop?


In the case of Microsoft's Surface Pro 3, the old adage just might turn out to be true: third time's a charm. The new laptop-tablet hybrid has been billed as Microsoft's realization of the vision it painted years ago: the ultimate, no-compromise device that lets users consume and create content in equal measure. Continue reading...

Does the UK need high-speed rail or high-speed internet?

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To address the key question above; both, is probably the rational answer. But when the volatile cocktail of public opinion, billions of pounds, experts and politicians are all slowly stirred in a big austerity cauldron, rationale evaporates into the extractor fan.

The potential economic benefits of high-speed rail and high-speed internet are both well established. A report by KPMG last year concluded that HS2 could deliver an annual £15 billion boost to the economy, with cities and regions outside of London benefitting the most. Continue reading...

Why the time of the all wireless workplace is now


We all dream of a that serene office environment free of clutter, cables and confusion, but just how realistic is implementing the so-called 'wireless workplace'?

Thanks to advancements in mobility, cloud and other areas, the wireless dream is looking more achievable all the time. In fact, Chris Kozup, senior director at Aruba Networks, believes organisations should be implementing wireless operations right now, insisting we have all the tools ready for the change. To hear more on how this works in practice, we sat down with Kozup for a Q&A on the matter.Continue reading...

Why a subscription model could be the future for all businesses


In a world where the consumer wants very specific things and wants them instantaneously, keeping a customer base happy is more difficult than ever before.

As such, flexible, customisable subscription services are spreading across different sectors like wildfire as businesses strive to meet the high expectations of customers and clients.

We spoke to Tien Tzuo, the founder of subscription software provider Zuora, to find out why his firm are becoming increasingly busy. Continue reading...