Best of TechRadar Pro: OS X Yosemite, Alan Turing, social analytics and wearable tech

Could the North East be the UK's future tech hub?

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As the digital age continues to develop apace, the changes taking place in British business are drastic.

Companies and entrepreneurs must now have a basic digital skillset at the very least in order to prosper in the new climate, and in regions like the North East which have traditionally relied on industry, adapting can be a challenge.

That's why the DigitalCity project was born in the region, as its founders sought to better educate and connect its new generation of workers. On the group's tenth anniversary, we asked DigitalCity chief David Jefferies what his organisation had achieved and what its ambitions are for the North East as a whole. Continue reading...

Why Apple's OS X Yosemite means business

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Any suggestion Apple was prioritising iOS and resting on its laurels regarding OS X were blown out of the water at WWDC 2014's keynote.

The company unveiled OS X Yosemite, boasting a slew of new features, a revamped but still familiar design language, and plenty of opportunities for professionals who work with and create for Macs.

As ever, the aesthetic choices are likely to prove divisive, bar the much-requested 'dark' UI mode that's a boon for video editors and visual creatives; elsewhere, Apple's fixation with translucency is questionable from a legibility standpoint, and its obsession in maximising content viewports by shoving buttons in toolbars could make it fiddly to move windows. Otherwise, efficiency was the watchword. Continue reading...

10 social analytics companies you need to know

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Social media managers, community managers, and digital marketers, are all faced with the same dilemma - bridging the gap between business metrics and social media efforts.

While marketers understand the value of social media as an upper-funnel player in a consumer's journey, there has still been lack of buy-in from internal management stakeholders. So how do the employees behind the social media accounts combat the doubt? Numbers, charts and insights as proof.

Thanks to the proliferation of social media analytics and management tools, marketers have the opportunity to use data to prove the ROI on the hours they spend curating and creating content, identifying influencers, and spreading brand messages online. Continue reading...

Wearable tech: where do we stand?

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It's now rather common to hear 'wearable technology' heralded as the next big thing.

It's a global trend – one which Samsung and Fitbit have been quick to capitalise on by releasing smart-watches and activity trackers, one which has enabled Pebble to rocket from $0 to $10,266,845 in the space of a few weeks, and one which has afforded an entire generation of Apple enthusiasts plenty to speculate about.

No doubt spurred by the stuff sci-fi dreams are made of, brands, journalists and entrepreneurs alike are eager to see what the future of wearables will look like. But can it be anything other than a gimmick? Will wearables realise their full potential and change the way we think about and use technology? Continue reading...

Why Alan Turing is the father of computer science

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On the 60th anniversary of Alan Turing's death, the internet and newsstands will be awash with articles praising one of our country's most important and influential people.

A man who is recognised as a British institution (although belatedly) and a homegrown genius, an accolade that is thrown around far too often but has never been so poignant for the father of computer science.

But the annual respect, admiration and acknowledgment that drives this article, and countless others, hasn't always existed for Alan Turing. For many years, up until as recently as 2012, much of his work was kept under lock & key by GCHQ because they were deemed too important and sensitive for public release. Continue reading...