Best of TechRadar Pro: IFA 2014, Apple's enterprise future and the paperless office

The five most exciting computing launches from IFA 2014

Ticked off with the amount of attention smartwatches received during IFA 2014? Come in, step right this way and grab yourself a chair. You only had to cast an eye over the svelte and shiny Ultrabooks, monster desktop rigs and battery-sipping tablets emerging from West Berlin this week to see that computing was the real winner.

The category had a lot going for it this year, not least in the way of variety, with more form factors than you could shake a bendy stick at - from 2-in-1 convertibles to conservative classics, extendable hinges and dual-mode designs. Throw in Intel's latest Core M CPUs, high-end AMD graphics chips and affordable Windows 8.1 tablets into the mix, and you've still only scratched the surface. Continue reading...

Moving business applications to the cloud: a case study


We've been busy assessing every aspect of the cloud on TechRadar Pro recently, with a particular focus on how SMBs can best harness the technology.

One obvious way of tapping into the cloud is transferring business applications away from a traditional desktop environment and instead adopting services like Microsoft's Office 365 and Google Apps. To get a first-hand account of what it takes to make such a move, we grilled Emma Davies, 
marketing and PR manager at digital agency I-COM, in this Q&A. Continue reading...

Apple can wow over businesses globally, here's how


As a company, Apple has always been associated with the more creative aspects of the technology world. A large, and vocal, adoption by creative types – from music producers to graphic designers to journalists and authors – led to high-end software being created almost exclusively for OS X. This in turn created a niche surrounding the ecosystem: high-priced, but elegant, hardware with unique software geared towards arts-based crafts.

With the introduction of the iPad, Apple looked to change this image, moving towards a more enterprise-friendly standing. Tim Cook boasted on an earnings call that 98% of all Fortune 500 companies use the iPad in their business, essentially ripping the heart out of the netbook market as it went. Over a five year period, the iPad become a $5 billion (around £3 billion, AU$5.4 billion) business with 300,000 apps appearing on the App Store specifically designed for the iPad, many of them focused on utility or productivity functions. Continue reading...

How creating a paper-light office can make big business savings


Even in an age of digital technologies that allow any documents to be displayed on screen, paper continues to be consumed in massive quantities.

According to Xerox the average working office will use 10,000 sheets of paper a year, with 45 per cent of those sheets thrown away within 24 hours. And according to Gartner, paper consumption within the enterprise is growing at 25 per cent a year. Continue reading...

Hands on: Asus Zenbook UX305 review


Asus unveiled the UX305, its newest flagship laptop at IFA 2014 this week. The device, it claims, is the world's thinnest 13-in QHD+ ultrabook, giving it one of the highest pixel densities of any computers on the market.

It faces competition from the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro and the Samsung ATIV Book 9 as well as the Apple MacBook Pro Retina Display, although we expect vendors to refresh their current thin-and-light laptop range very soon. The model on display is arguably a pre-production unit with a processor clocked at less than 1GHz. It sported a fanless design, one that is expected to be carried to the final version. Continue reading...