Warner Bros swaps your DVDs for Blu-rays

Swap shop initiative to boost the HD format

Warner Bros has announced an online swap shop, which allows consumers to swap their old DVDs for brand-spanking news ones.

The initiative is to help boost the Blu-ray format and while it is only available in the US at the moment, it could well be a sign of things to come for the UK.

Called DVD2Blu, the website states: "Upgrade your Warner Bros. DVD titles for new industry-leading Blu-ray discs and unleash the power of your HDTV through the WBshop.com DVD2Blu program."

Going postal

Essentially you mail off your old DVDs (disc-only), pay $7.95 and within a few weeks you will get a Blu-ray copy through the post.

There is a bit of a catch: each time you mail a disc it will cost you $4.95 in postal charges, which brings the price to near that of a Blu-ray.

But if you do it in bulk, orders over $25 are shipped for free.

If you are US-based and fancy bathing your eyes in HD goodness then point your browser to www.dvd2blu.com.


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