3D Blu-ray task force created

BDA assigns new team to tackle 3D Blu-ray problems

The BDA (Blu-ray Disc Association) is taking no chances when it comes to 3D in the home by assigning a 3D task force to monitor the tech.

This crack-team of 'three dimensional' operatives will take full charge of sorting out a universal specification for the format, ready for the upcoming deluge of 3D-friendly films to hit the home-entertainment market.

2009 is definitely the year for 3D in the cinemas, with the recent Coraline garnering superb reviews and Pixar's UP being a firm favourite at Cannes, but Blu-ray is not yet equipped with showing 3D in HD in the home.

Unmatched experience

The creation of this 3D task force will hopefully hurry up the format, with the BDA saying in a statement: Blu-ray Disc is the ideal platform for bringing 3D technology to mainstream home entertainment.

"Blu-ray Disc's capacity, flexibility and incomparable picture quality coupled with the activities of the BDA's 3D task force sets the stage for a 3D home entertainment specification that establishes another industry standard and enables an in-home 3D consumer experience unmatched by any other delivery mechanism."

Via Blu-ray.com


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