Sony looking at Android X-Series PMP?

Hopes to use Google to thwart the iPod touch

Sony is apparently looking to turn Android into a PMP interface as it seeks to bite back in the media player wars against the mighty Apple.

A fairly interesting rumour is doing the rounds that the Japanese firm is looking at Google's mobile OS - which is already confirmed for a netbook - to power its range of PMPs.

The news comes after the announcement of Sony's X-Series Walkman last month, which wowed the crowds with a stunning OLED screen and impressive audio quality.


However, there's a growing concern in the PMP community that it's more about the software on board the device than the specs - just look at the success of the App Store on the iPod touch.

And in Android Sony would have access to a plethora of applications already in the Android Market, as well as the fact Sony Ericsson is already a member of the Open Handset Alliance, giving the parent company access to the OS.

There's no idea how realistic this idea - one that's been described as an 'open secret' - really is, but included is the idea that Sony will also extend the OS to a sat nav as well, which makes sense given how tightly integrated GPS is.

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