O2 dubbed best mobile broadband provider

JD Power gives it top gong for fixed lines too

O2 has been voted the best mobile broadband provider in an independent survey by JD power.

The bubbly brand beat off competition from Orange and T-Mobile to be dubbed top dog, with a customer satisfaction score of 653 out of a possible 1,000.

Orange was close behind with 650, and T-Mobile managed 644, on a scale that measured performance, reliability, cost, offers and promotions and customer service.

Air appeal

It was also ranked by customers as among the best in the industry, along with Orange. T-Mobile was next up, followed by Vodafone and 3.

In fixed broadband, O2 was once again top of the pile, with a customer satisfaction index of 766 out of a possible 1,000, with Plusnet (703) and Sky (676) in second and third place.

O2 was also the only fixed line provider to be ranked as 'among the best' by those surveyed.

The fixed broadband ISP customer satisfaction study is based on responses from 2,048 residential customers with fixed line broadband services and the mobile broadband ISP customer satisfaction study comes from responses from 1,274 mobile broadband customers.


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