Samsung opens up Bada platform to all

SDK available to make new apps for a whole new world

If you're one of those people that likes to make little programs for new platforms then you're in luck - Samsung has released the beta version of its SDK for the public.

After signing up for a free account with Samsung Bada Developers (which we'd have liked to be called the alliance or the Dev-Men or something) you can download the new SDK to get access to the tools you'll need to use for Samsung's new smartphone platform.

All that jazz

This includes the relevant APIs, simulator, debugger, codes and more importantly - tutorials and documents to help guide you through the nuances of the new platform.

We're still waiting to hear what portion of the revenue will be available to developers, but we're sure this will appear in due course - Samsung has traditionally offered around 70% for other application platforms.

We're awaiting review samples of the Samsung Wave soon - the first phone to feature the Bada platform - which should give more clues as to where Samsung intends to take this new OS.

Via Unwired View


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