Samsung Galaxy S8 may ditch the flat screen for good

Curved screens may soon be your only choice

Next year's Samsung Galaxy S8 may come with a curved screen and Edge display as standard, meaning fans of the brand won't have to upgrade to the Galaxy S8 Edge to get their hands on the top-end display.

The Edge display is mostly for aesthetic purposes on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the new Galaxy Note 7, but Samsung is working to improve the functionality of the display, and clearly has enough confidence in the technology to only produce a curved-screen version of the Note 7.

And if the Galaxy Note 7 sells well enough, Samsung may well do away with flat screens on its flagship S range altogether, the president of Samsung Mobile has suggested.

Dong-jin Koh told The Korea Herald: "Samsung has considered that it would make the Edge display the identity of the Galaxy S smartphone lineup." Reading between the lines this certainly sounds like Samsung is planning to ditch flat screens on its premium handsets.

But Koh noted that Samsung needs to provide different user experiences through the features and software of the Edge screen before it can become the sole display option for the flagship brand.

'No rush' for foldable phone

In another interview Koh told The Korea Times that Samsung won't be rushing the release of Project Valley, the firm's heavily rumored foldable phone, again because it wants to ensure that the technology is up to scratch.

"We need more time to provide meaningful innovations and convenience considering the current status of technology," he explained. "We need serious changes in software and user experience to build foldable smartphones, and this will certainly take time."

Koh also said he expects the release of bendable devices will have a "ripple effect in the industry".

It seems that Samsung won't be ready to release its foldable phone before the end of 2016, but it does appear that the company wants to ensure the technology is actually useful, rather than simply being first with a headline-grabbing piece of new tech.

Via SamMobile