The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a top smartphone with a lot to shout about, but with increased pressure from HTC, Sony and LG, there are suggestions that Samsung is looking to give its flagship another boost.

Compare the build quality of the Galaxy S5 to the HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z2 or iPhone 5S and the Samsung flagship feels cheap in comparison, while the full HD display isn't a match for the QHD offering in the LG G3.

To tackle these two points head-on, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is apparently being readied in South Korea - with a bumped up screen and shiny new chassis.

It's unclear what the final name of the handset will be, because as well as Galaxy S5 Prime we're also seeing a lot of reports referring to the Samsung Galaxy F and more recently the Samsung Galaxy Alpha moniker has been thrown around, as have two variants on those- the Samsung Galaxy S5 F and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha.

Samsung CEO JK Shin has said it isn't working on a premium Galaxy S5, but the rumor mill is refusing to slow down on the Galaxy F chatter. We've even seen suggestions that the Galaxy S5 Prime and the Galaxy F could be two different handsets - it's properly crazy.

Apparently there's a HTC One M8 Prime in the works too, so the QHD smartphone market could be about to really hot up.

Here's everything we know so far regarding the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? A premium version of the Galaxy S5
  • When is it out? Sometime in 2014
  • What will it cost? At lot - more than the current S5

Samsung Galaxy F release date

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime release date was tipped for mid-June, but with time having run out this information was clearly off the mark.

One report suggests the Galaxy S5 Prime may be pretty tricky to get hold of, as complications in the production of the QHD display mean Samsung will only make a limited number of units.

These issues may see the Galaxy S5 Prime release date shifted to July, or possibly even August - it's difficult to say at the moment.

An alternative and at this point probably more likely release date is September. Twitter leaker @evleaks received a tip claiming as much. Or more specifically claiming that the Samsung Galaxy F (which is believed to be one and the same as the Galaxy S Prime) will be launching then.

If it does then it will likely be going head to head with the iPhone 6, but that could be the whole point. While most manufacturers get out of the way of an Apple launch, Samsung is perhaps the only one which has the muscle to compete, so it may be a tactical move to steal away some would-be iPhone buyers.

Samsung certainly seems to be ramping up for a release in any case, as the handset has just passed through the FCC, while G4Games reports that it's been certified by the equivalent company in South Korea.

Samsung Galaxy F price

When it comes to the Galaxy S5 Prime price you won't be surprised when we tell you it's going to be expensive (that's if it actually exists, of course).

According to information garnered by, the Galaxy S5 Prime will have a SIM-free launch price of KRW 900,000 (about US$880, £523, AU$940).

The price in other territories is likely to be higher than the conversions shown here thanks to taxes and other costs, putting the S5 Prime comfortably above the S5.

Samsung Galaxy F display

One of the major upgrades rumored for the Galaxy S5 Prime is the screen, with Samsung tipped to equip the handset with a 5.2-inch, 2,560 x 1,440 display.

With multiple sources all pointing towards the QHD display, it seems the most viable option at this time for the Galaxy S5 Prime.

The reasoning behind this decision is questionable, as the current Galaxy S5 has an eye-popping display which has been dubbed the best performing smartphone screen by independent benchmarkers.

A key factor in the S5 Prime potentially sporting a QHD display is what's happening over at Samsung's fierce Korean rival.

LG has slapped a QHD screen on its latest flagship - the LG G3 - and the S5 Prime could be Samsung's response in an attempt to stay relevant in its national market.

That said, more recently a handful of videos from TK Tech News have appeared on YouTube apparently showing a pre-production version of the S5 Prime with a full HD, 1080p display - matching that of the original S5.

A report from Holland also claims that the Galaxy S5 Prime (not the Galaxy F - that may be a separate device) only had a 1080p display when it appeared at a network event. There's no way to verify that information, and it would be an odd move from Samsung.

We've also now heard reports from the Korea Herald that the Galaxy F might only have a 4.7 inch Super AMOLED screen, which would seem odd in itself but would explain why it could be sticking with a 1080p display. A 4.7 inch screen is small for Samsung, but it would match the rumored iPhone 6 screen size and thereby make it more of an alternative to Apple's handset, which might be Samsung's plan.