Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may go blur-free with OIS

Picture perfect

Galaxy Note 3

We first heard rumours that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would have a 20MP camera, then a 16MP one and now the latest reports point to a 12MP snapper, which would actually be one megapixel lower than the Galaxy Note 3.

But it's not all bad news, because South Korean site ETNews reports that the 12MP camera on the Galaxy Note 4 will include optical image stabilisation (or OIS), which is lacking from the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S5.

According to industry sources speaking to the site, Samsung has already lined up a production facility to build the camera and alongside the 12MP main snapper there'll be a 3.7MP camera on the front, up from the 2MP unit on the Galaxy Note 3.

Trimming off the fat

Apparently Samsung had originally looked at using a 20Mp sensor but dropped it down to 12 as it wanted to keep the Note 4 as thin as possible while still including OIS.

The 20MP camera it developed may not have been abandoned though, as the report goes on to say that Samsung now plans to use it in the Galaxy S6 instead, though it's not clear whether that means the S6 won't have OIS or whether it will sacrifice slimness to have both and be a true photo-taking beast.

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