Nokia Symbian Anna update to land in July

"Restates commitment" to Symbian

As well as launching the MeeGo-running N9, Nokia has also taken the opportunity to "restate" its "commitment" to the Symbian operating system, giving a time-frame for the Symbian Anna update roll out.

The Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01 will begin shipping with the Anna update pre-installed from July.

By the end of August, people who already own these handsets will also be able to download Symbian Anna as a software update as well.

Anna waits

The update brings with it 'new fresh icons', split-screen view while typing, a faster web browser, an onscreen portrait QWERTY and refreshed Ovi Maps.

Nokia, which has bet big on its partnership with Microsoft, is keen to appease Symbian fans who worry that their beloved if beleaguered OS is on the way out, saying that it plans to release 10 new Symbian handsets within the next year.

Who knows whether we'll see any further Symbian handsets happen beyond these ten, with Nokia really using phones based on the aging OS to tide its coffers over until its Windows Phone handsets hit the market.


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