Nokia 803 to be Symbian's last hurrah?

With "the largest camera on a phone"

The end could be in sight for Symbian as details of the Nokia 803 have leaked, assumed to be Nokia's last handset to run the operating system.

According to one of BGR's "trusted sources" the 803 will run Symbian Belle, the latest version of the OS.

Reported specs also point towards a 4-inch AMOLED display, HDMI port, microSIM and NFC support.

Biggest. Camera. Ever.

Intriguingly the source also revealed that the unconfirmed Nokia 803 will sport one of, if not the largest camera sensors ever on a mobile phone.

Nokia has produced impressive camera phones in the past and we are curious as to what the 803 will offer us: 14MP, 16MP or even 20MP perhaps?

Rumours suggest that the Nokia 803 will be released in May – which means there is a small chance we may get a sneak peek at MWC 2012 later this month.

From BGR



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