Motorola's recently released Cliq phone is set to make its way over to the UK as the Dext.

Why the reason for the moniker change, we don't know - but we do know it will be heading over to Orange.

The new phone, as we said earlier, will sport a 3.5mm headphone jack, a full QWERTY keyboard and MotoBlur - the company's answer to the HTC Sense UI that's wowing the world on the Hero (and soon the Tattoo).

A poor man's G1

It also has a 2GB memory card, which is expandable up to 32GB when you fork out for a larger microSD version.

T3 have had an exclusive look at the new Dext phone, but if you're a Moto fan, it's best to look away now.

They describe it as a 'Poor man's G1' and 'a year too late' - better pull your finger out now if you want that renaissance, Motorola.

Check out T3's exlcusive hands-on with the video here or take a sneak peak at it below: