Moto G 4G release date pegged for end of June

This is the G you want

The Moto G 4G was announced alongside the cheap-as-chips Moto E in May, and while it's missed its release date of "a couple of weeks" after launch, the LTE device is now in sight.

In the US you can already buy the Moto G 4G direct from Motorola, while here in the UK you'll need to visit a third party seller.

Amazon UK is quoting a Moto G 4G release date of June 30, while Clove states "first stock due week commencing June 23."

Price is not quite right

At launch we were told the Motorola Moto G 4G would be available for £149 SIM-free, although sadly that appears to be a little off.

The five retailers Motorola is currently listing on its site all point towards a price tag of £159, which isn't a great deal more but it does ruin the sub-£150 hook. It could well drop to £149 on PAYG deals though.

That also makes the Moto G 4G more expensive than the £99 EE Kestrel, although the Huawei built phone has a lower resolution display, childish UI and poorer build quality.

Other than the addition of LTE support and an expandable storage slot the Moto G 4G is identical to its 3G enabled, 8GB namesake which can be had for £100 on PAYG.


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