Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie a Google IO no-show?

Tenuous rumour suggests delays

Key Lime Pie a Google IO no show

Key Lime Pie may not make its debut at Google IO next month as 'inside sources' tip that Google wants to give phone makers time to catch up.

The word comes from Gadgetronica, not a site we've ever dealt with before, citing 'trusty internal sources' that we obviously have no way of verifying.

But if it is legit, we like the reasoning. Software moves at a much faster rate of knots than hardware, and the majority of Android phones still on Gingerbread (39.8 per cent) with Ice Cream Sandwich (29.3 per cent) and Jelly Bean (25 per cent) slowly catching up.

Although we're always hungry for the next big thing, there's no point in Google teasing us with software when we don't have the hardware to handle it.


If it hangs fire for four months Android 5.0 could land in September, pitting it in a straight fight against iOS 7 which we're expecting Apple to unveil at WWDC in June and launch in September with the iPhone 5S.

Or it could all be nonsense made up for web hits and Google will reveal Key Lime Pie at IO in May, as expected. We shall see.