IM for Nokia takes on iMessage and BBM

Finally MySpace IM can take off

Nokia has decided to release a new instant messaging client to take on RIM and Apple's offerings.

Dubbed IM for Nokia, this isn't a proprietary client offering, rather an amalgamation of different platforms into one easy space.

This means Google Talk, Ovi Mail, Yahoo! Messenger and MySpace IM are all together in a single app.

Anything Apple can do...

However, while this is a good way to talk to friends across a wide range of applications, this feels like nothing more than a reaction to Apple's iMessage offering, as Nokia Messaging IM has been around for a while already with compatibility with most of the IM offerings.

This is probably the fanfare for either a) the IM client moving out of Nokia's laboratories or b) the jubilant announcement that the literally dozens of MySpace IM users are now supported.

It's a free download now available from the Ovi Store, so if you're rocking a Nokia N8 and fancy a new way to chat, check it out now.

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