iFixit iPhone 7 Plus teardown reveals what actually killed the headphone jack

Make way for the Taptic Engine

Apple called its iPhone 7 headphone jack cull "courageous", but given iFixit's latest teardown of the iPhone 7 Plus, we'd beg to differ. It's more likely "practical" given the stuff crammed into the phone's chassis.

Revealed as part of a live deconstruction of the iPhone 7 Plus, the team dug into where you'd expect the headphone innards to be, and found that its slot is mostly now taken up by the Taptic Engine.

Considering it shakes the entire phone when the Home button is pressed, it's not surprising something had to make way. Compared to the iPhone 6S internals, the vibrating component looks far bigger. Whether that's worth the hassle of swapping out your headphones is up to you.

Big up that battery

Apple's claims that the iPhone 7 Plus battery will get you through an extra hour each day seems an honest one, with a battery pack to back it up. Whereas the iPhone 6S Plus had a 2750 mAh battery, the new 7 Plus is sporting a 2900 mAh capacity.

Despite packing in two separate camera sensors, the iPhone 7 Plus actually pops both of them into a single module, too.

If you weren't a fan of previous iPhones' camera bumps, you'll be even more irked here, as the dual set up has made that bulge even bigger. But with good reason - built into the chassis directly, it's now part of the waterproofing measures.

As an ongoing teardown, iFixit has yet to give the iPhone 7 Plus a repairability score. But the liberal amounts of glue used means you're not likely to have much DIY joy if you're ever in need of a repair.