The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini will be slightly larger than its predecessor, the Galaxy S4 Mini, according to a shipping listing recently seen online.

Zauba, the self-described "home to India's import and export data," has published info about unannounced devices before, and now it may have outed the Galaxy S5 Mini (referred to as the SM-G800F) and its 4.47-inch display.

That's slightly larger than the Galaxy S4 Mini's 4.3-inch display. Hell, it's bigger than the iPhone 5S's 4-inch screen.

Whatever happened to the future envisioned in Zoolander, where phones were actually pint-sized? And in what universe is a miniature phone bigger than a supposedly normal-sized one?

Ours, apparently

According to this listing, the Galaxy S5 Mini is only a half inch or so smaller than the 5.1-inch Samsung Galaxy S5, making the S5 Mini, much like previous Samsung miniatures, sort of pointless.

That's just one analysis though, and some users will no doubt find the Mini's size - right in between the proper S5 and the smaller iPhone 5S - just right.

As previous rumors have said, the Galaxy S5 Mini will likely pack a 720p resolution, at least based on this same source.

It's also rumored to have a quad-core Snapdragon 400 chip, 1.5GB of memory, 16GB of storage, and an 8-megapixel camera, not to mention the element-resistant protections of its big sibling.

Via Talk Android