AT&T Next says 'me too,' annual device upgrades coming July 26

Carrier unveils answer to T-Mobile's new device upgrade program

AT T Next

T-Mobile's twice per year Jump upgrades may be a call to arms for U.S. carriers: Amidst rumors Verizon is planning a similar concept in August

AT&T Next, which allows customers to buy a new device every 12 months without paying the typical activation or upgrade fees that go along with a purchase - or putting any money down.

Upgrade fever

For example, the 16GB iPhone 5 would cost $32.50 per month; Nokia Lumia 1020 $33 per month; Samsung Galaxy S4, $32 per month; and a 16GB Wi-Fi + 4G iPad 4 would cost $31.50 per month.

Sounds too good...