Android upgrade to help Market finally rival App Store?

Trust us, it's more exciting than it sounds...

Google's Android OS could soon support app storage to memory card, opening the door to a huge step up in application quality.

Currently the only option developers have is to store the apps on the (limited) inbuilt memory on Android phones.

But adding in memory card support would mean that much grander applications for Android could be dreamt up, helping Google's application Market take on the might of the iPhone's App Store.

Hurry up!

This has been a constant request from users over on Google's forums, and finally there's some good news: it's 'coming soon'.

A poster from Google has said that while they can't commit to any given schedule, the memory card storage is coming soon, and Google is sorry for the delay.

We're hoping this update comes in time for Froyo, as it might increase the pressure on Apple a little when the new iPhone HD is announced if Google's app store just got that much more awesome.

Via Engadget


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