Google hits 100 million Android activations

And 400,000 devices now activated daily

Google has announced that over 100 million Android devices have now been activated, with 400,000 new tablets and phones being switched on every day.

We all know Google isn't above a spot of bragging, and the keynote speech at Google I/O was the perfect opportunity to do so in front of a crowd of like-minded Android fans.

The figures garnered whoops and applause from the San Francisco audience but, while 100 million is a notable achievement, we can't help but point out Apple's comparable figures.

Hope you brought an umbrella to the Google parade

Apple announced that it had sold 189 million iOS devices to date in its last financial report, released in April.

Apple, incidentally, has released just four phones, four generations of iPod Touch and two tablets running iOS. Google said last night that there are now 310 Android devices on sale around the world.

The TechRadar mathletes have been on the case and concluded that in the great Android v Apple devices race, Apple is currently winning.

But with rumoured delays to the iPhone 5, stock shortages of the iPad 2 and Google's upcoming release of the all-singing all-dancing Ice Cream Sandwich OS, Google could have an opportunity to catch up fast.



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