CECT asks us to Watch this space

Chinese company just won’t give up on watch phones

It’s something of a quandary in the gadget world: convergence is always the buzz-word, yet make it too converged and suddenly everybody isn’t interested.

Step forward the CECT Watch, a mobile strapped to your wrist and masquerading as a timepiece (though the Chinese company could have tried harder on the name one can’t help but think).

It’s a decent device, sporting quadband GSM, a touch-screen 1,3inch LCD, FM radio, MP3/MP4 playback and SD card support, extendable up to 2GB.

Happy snappy

The device even has a camera (though surely they could have got away without it on a watch) capable of taking snaps up to 1.3 megapixels.

One of the best features has to be the buttons placed on the strap - a natty solution to watch phones, where scrolling and PC interaction are usually necessary.

It has a standby time of 100 hours, with talk time of 150 minutes. It can even support Java, which suggests the designers simply had a pot of mobile phone features when coming up with this model, dipping into it at random to decide on the spec list.

It’s not bad looking, and for around £150 it’s not a bad little device, even on the media playback alone.

One day, ONE DAY talking into your watch will be cool. Trust us.


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